Divine Direction


Every day, moment by moment, your choices add up and either deepen or diminish your life story.

So which way are you headed? Are you reaping the real benefits of making the right choices consistently? Or are you stuck, always looking for a way around the next set of obstacles? Wherever you find yourself, there's a greater path forward and you can start today.

(1) Choose: July 2, 2017

The decisions we make today determine the stories we tell about our lives tomorrow. You are one decision away from changing your life forever.

(2) Start: July 9, 2017

There's no better time to start writing your future story than right now. Today is a better day to start than tomorrow. If you don't start now, a year from now you'll wish you had. Start where you are. Just take that first step.

(3) Stop: July 16, 2017

What are you doing that's not good for you? What do you need to stop so that you can tell the story God wants you to tell? What is it that you need to stop so that you can move forward in the story you want to live? Pick something you know you need to stop. Write it down, give it to God and He will give you the power to stop.

(4) Stay: July 23, 2017 

Sometimes God gives us a new path, other times He wants us to stay. Sometimes the greatest act of faith is faithfulness, staying where you're planted. Evaluate where you are. Ask God for clarity. Don't just give up. Listen to what God is telling you He wants you to do. Sometimes the right decision is to stay.

(5) Go: July 30, 2017

You don't have to know the outcome, you just need enough faith to take the first step and let God do the rest. Step out in faith, step out of your comfort zone, risk failing, trust God. What have you been holding back on? It's time to go.

(6) Serve: August 6, 2017

Not only is God calling us to serve in His church, He's calling us to serve as His church. When we serve others we take the focus off ourselves so that we can see the needs of those around us. Look for the needs around you, serve.

(7) Connect: August 13, 2017

Everyone needs people in their lives who will candidly tell them the truth. You're one friend away from a better life. It's time to take inventory of your friendships. Your decision to connect with others will change your story forever.

(8) Trust: August 20, 2017

It's time to let go of the fear that is holding you back. You don't have to be strong. In your weakness, His strength will be all you need. Trust God with everything and God will change your life.