Why Church?

Fewer people are attending church. A lot fewer. The single fastest-growing religious group in America is the religiously unaffiliated - those who check the box next to the word none of the above on religious surveys.

Most people don’t know what the church is, why it exists, or who it is for. What comes to our minds or what we feel when we hear the word church is probably a far cry from what the early church thought or experienced. The early church was not a building or a weekend event and there were no Bibles. The early church was a movement with a laser focused message and a global mission. It was led by men and women who were fueled not by what they believed, but by what they had seen - Jesus raised from the dead.

This one-and-done message on our 2nd Anniversary Sunday will answer these questions: What is church? Why does church exist? And Who is church for?